Ripening Rack

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A Ripening Rack is a block used to ripen cheese wedges and convert them into ripened cheese wedges.

Block Info
File:Ripening rack.png

Type: Solid Block
Physics: No
Transparency: Yes
Luminance: No
Blast resistance: 15
Hardness: 2
Tool: Axe.png(Axe)</sub
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Flammable: No
Drops: Itself(Off) + contents
Mod: Master Chef


Wood planks can be broken by hand, but using an axe will speed up the process.

Block Ripening rack
Hardness 2
Tool Axe.png(Axe)
Breaking time(in seconds)
Hand 3
Wooden 1.5
Stone 0.75
Iron 0.5
Diamond 0.4
Golden 0.25

Breaking time only for unenchanted pickaxes.


Ingredients Crafting Recipe

x6 Sticks
x2 Oak slab


Ripening racks cannot be pushed by pistons.


GUI(Graphical User Interface)
Ripening rack gui.png

The main purpose of the ripening rack is to ripen cheese wedges. It's interface can be opened by pressing use on it.
Click to see a list of Food that can be ripened


The ripening speed is very slow, but you can put 8 items in it at the same time.
When an item is ripened, the item won't go to an output slot. The item inside the slot will change.
You can only put 1 cheese wedge in each slot

From Cheese Milk to Young Cheese, it takes 1 Minecraft Days.
From Young Cheese to Medium Cheese, it takes 1 Minecraft Days
From Medium Cheese to Old Cheese, it takes 2 Minecraft Days
So to get from Cheese Milk to Old Cheese, it will take 4 Minecraft Days.
This is why it's recommended to have many ripening racks that are each ripening 8 Cheeses at the time.


Ripening racks don't emit any particles.


The Ripening rack doesn't use any fuel for ripening cheese.

Food that can be ripened

Food that can be ripened are items or blocks that can be ripened in the ripening rack.

List of food that can be ripened: