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The Idea of the Master Chef Mod came from Kander18.
He has written the first version of the mod alone.
After that, he wanted to get more people to work on this mod, so he asked people to join.
(This mod is currently in developing progress with 2 texture makers and 1 programmer)

The Master Chef mod was first released as More Food Mod, but since this name was already used by others and the mod became more than just food, it was renamed to Master Chef Mod (since version 4).
The Master Chef Mod does not only add a lot of food and crops to the game but it also gives you extra furnaces and machines to process food.

For the latest version of the mod go to http://minetronic.com/masterchef_downloads.php.

Contributors (Minecraft name)

Name(Minecraft) Info
Kander18 Programmer/Developer
Hacoline18 Textures & Ideas
Reghon28 Textures