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A Boiler is a block used to boil items / blocks and convert them into boiled food items / blocks (better food).

Block Info

Type: Solid Block
Physics: No
Transparency: Partial (when burning)
Luminance: Yes, 13(when burning)
Blast resistance: 30
Hardness: 5
Tool: Stone pickaxe.png(Pickaxe)
Renewable: Yes
Stackable: Yes (64)
Flammable: No
Drops: Itself(Off) + contents
Mod: Master Chef


Boilers can be mined using a stone pickaxe or better. If mined without pickaxe or with wooden pickaxe / golden pickaxe, it will drop nothing.

Block Boiler
Hardness 5
Tool Stone pickaxe.png(Pickaxe)
Breaking time(in seconds)
Hand 25
Wooden 12.5
Stone 1.9
Iron 1.25
Diamond 0.95
Golden 2.1

Breaking time only for unenchanted pickaxes.


Ingredients Crafting Recipe
x8 Iron Ingots
Boiler recipe.png


Boilers cannot be pushed by pistons.


GUI(Graphical User Interface)
Boiler gui.png

The main purpose of boiler is to allow for boiling. It's interface can be opened by pressing use on it.
Click to see a list of Boilable stuff

Light source

Boilers emit a light level of 13 when burning.


Boilers emit smoke and flame particles when burning.
They also emit evaporating particles when the water in the boiler is hot or boiling.

Water Bubbles

If the water is hot or boiling and the boiler has Boilable stuff in it, the boiler will start cooking. If the boiler is cooking, you can see the bubbles above the arrow (In the GUI) moving. This is a sign that it's working.

Water States

The boiler has 9 different water states:

  • No water - There's no water in the container
  • Cold - The water's heath is 0
  • Cold (Heating) - The water's heath is from 0 to 199 and is heating
  • Cold (Cooling) - The water's heath is from 0 to 199 and is cooling
  • Lukewarm (Heating) - The water's heath is from 200 to 599 and is heating
  • Lukewarm (Cooling) - The water's heath is from 200 to 599 and is cooling
  • Hot (Heating) - The water's heath is from 600 to 1199 and is heating
  • Hot (Cooling) - The water's heath is from 600 to 1199 and is cooling
  • Boiling - The water's heath is at it's boiling point (1200)

You can see the water state on top of the boiler's GUI.


If the water in the boiler is hot or boiling, the water will start evaporating and you can see the evaporating particles coming off from the boiler.
The more heath it has, the harder it's going to evaporate and the faster the water is going to dissapear from the container.


The Boilable stuff can only be boiled when the water is hot enough.
It needs to be at least in the Hot state. (Heath above or equal to 600)
The more water the container has, the slower it's going to cool and the slower it's going to heath.
When adding a water bucket to the container, the heath of the water goes down with 300(stops at 0).
The hotter the water is, the faster it will cook the Boilable stuff.


The boiler needs water and a flamable fuel source (Coal, Stick, Oak log,...) to start heating.
The water can be stored in the container with water buckets (Up to 4 buckets), while the flamable fuel source in the slot works just like a normal furnace.
The amount of water in the container decreases when it's hot or boiling.

Boilable stuff

Boilable stuff are items or blocks that can be cooked in the boiler.

List of boilable stuff: