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The Minetronic Wiki!

On this wiki you will find a lot of information about the mods created by Minetronic for Minecraft. Including Crafting Recipes.

Our team currently exists out of 5 people. We hope to achieve more people later so we can develop our mods even faster!
Do you want to become a part of the minetronic team? Send a mail to More info at


- Master Chef

- Master Smith

- More mods coming soon...

Furnaces / Machines

Furnace Info
Cooking Furnace Fast cooking furnace
Ice Cream Maker Ice cream making machine
Waffle Maker Waffle making machine
Boiler Used to boil food


Name Info
Kander18 Programmer/Developer
DeCrom Creative Designer
Reghon28 Graphical Designer
Poincare Technical Assistance

Item / Block info and crafting recipes

Search for the item / block in the search bar (like Waffle etc...) to get the full item / block info and even the crafting recipe.